Services for clinics

Fast and paper free

VetEnvoy revolutionises the way veterinary practices work. Our services work seamlessly with your existing Practice Management System (PMS) and the IT systems of service companies enabling you to free up time, reduce costs and improve cash flow.

By removing the need for paper from key processes like insurance claim processing and laboratory reports, VetEnvoy helps to redefine best practices in the veterinary profession.


Handle the direct transfer of claims from your PMS to insurance companies

How much time do you spend each month processing insurance claims?

The answer is probably too much. Our fast and low-cost eClaims will greatly reduce this time and lead to you getting paid up to 5 times quicker.

How does it work?

eClaims works by enabling the secure and direct transfer of insurance claims between your PMS and the IT systems of insurance companies on a completely paperless basis. It also lets you manage the whole process and deal with any queries through your PMS or check the status of claims as the insurer updates this.

Microchip registration

Instant registration for your patients

The VetEnvoy microchip registration service lets you immediately transfer client details from your PMS to the registration database provider. This removes the need for all the usual paperwork and gives your client the peace of mind of having immediate cover should their pet go missing. 

Check that your microchips and your clinic’s PMS are partnered with us here

Lab Reports

Lab reports straight into your PMS

How does it work?

The VetEnvoy lab reports service directly transfers report requests and data between your PMS and the IT systems of lab companies on a completely paperless and secure basis. The report is automatically entered into the relevant client record in the practice’s system. 

Check that your supplier and your clinic’s PMS are partnered with us here


VetEnvoy is free for Vet Clinics and Charities!

We don’t charge clinics to use our services which includes – insurance claim submission, lab reporting and microchip registration.

Note: Your PMS vendor may charge ongoing maintenance fees/deferred set-up fee. Please contact your PMS or Corporate group head office for  more details.