Paperless and fast processes

VetEnvoy is revolutionising the way veterinary practices operate. Our services work seamlessly with your existing PMS and the IT systems of service companies and other veterinary practices enabling you to free up time, reduce costs and improve cash flow.

By removing the need for paper from key processes like insurance claim processing and laboratory reports, VetEnvoy is helping to redefine best practices in the veterinary profession.

Our flagship service eClaims is already saving practices significant time and money on processing insurance claims. But, don’t take our word for it – see what our customers are saying by clicking here.

VetEnvoy services

Our service portfolio is constantly evolving, currently this covers:

Already available

  • eClaims – handles the direct transfer of claims from your PMS to the insurance company
  • eLab reports – controls the process of requesting and handling lab report data
  • eMicrochip registration – get instant protection for your client with the electronic transfer of information from your PMS direct to the database provider
  • eBenchmark data delivery – automatically transfer existing benchmark data directly from your PMS
  • Text messaging – cheap and pay in arrears messaging service, with no minimum commitment needed
  • eDietary advice delivery – automatically transfer client information from your PMS to the suppliers Web site to make it easier and quicker to obtain dietary advice

Under development / in trials

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