What our customers are saying about our eClaims service

“Vastly superior performance compared with paper claims, e-mails or faxes. The saving in staff admin time is tremendous.”
Phil Stimpson, Hunters Lodge Veterinary Practice, Cranleigh, Surrey

“Brilliant. Insurance Claims were the bane of my life. It used to take 7 to 10 days to settle claims – now with Vet Envoy it takes just 2 to 3. VetEnvoy is easy and simple to use.”
Pat Kliger, Blackwater Valley Veterinary Group, Camberley, Surrey

“Vet Envoy is magic – cleared the Petplan backlog in minutes – clients very impressed. Payment used to be 3 to 4 weeks and it’s now down to 1 week. I can click a button and the claim is on its way. From a customer service point-of-view, the clients are happy as they can see the details of the claim on screen.”
Hugh Duffin, Animal House Veterinary Surgery, Rugby, Warwickshire

“Settlement of claims is much quicker. It used to take weeks, now it is days. The administrative hassle has been removed as no need to post or fax.”
Sarah Smyth, Garden Lodge Veterinary Clinic, Holywood, County Down

“We are saving around 20 hours a month of staff time. Now the nurses can spend more time doing what they were trained to do.”
Andrew Turkington, formerly Drove Veterinary Hospital, Swindon, Wiltshire

“Vet Envoy is quicker. There is no need to worry about the insurance claim once the [send] button has been clicked. It’s less hassle and there’s no need to fax anymore.”
Liz Howes, Oxford Cat Clinic, Botley, Oxfordshire

“Payment is a lot quicker. It could take up to a month to get paid, now it is one to two weeks. The actual time spent on completing claims has been cut drastically from ten minutes to a minute or two per claim. Also, we are more likely to do direct claims now...as we know we will not be waiting long periods of time to get paid. We are happy and the clients are happy as well. Cash flow is maintained. Nurses have more time on animals and less time on administration.”
Julie Irons, Vets on the Park, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

“Brill, works a treat! Settlement is very quick, usually within the week.”
Ceri Land, Special Friends Animal Medical Centre, Redditch, Worcestershire

“Receiving claims electronically has to be the future. [With VetEnvoy] claims will be delivered immediately and an electronic audit trail means that vets can be certain of receipt by Petplan. And the resulting reduction in settlement time offers significant client benefit.”
Simon Wheeler, former Head of Marketing and Partnerships, Petplan

“VetEnvoy is truly revolutionary and the Society is proud to be a leading partner in bringing the system to fruition.”
Richard Hillman, former SPVS President

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