eClaims sounds great, what do I need to do to get started using it?

It’s easy. Click here to sign up. If your PMS provider is not yet eClaims compliant, they will be notified of your interest.

How much will all this cost?

There is no need for any upfront investment, nor do you need to replace your existing PMS to enjoy the benefits of eClaims and other VetEnvoy services. Click here for details on our Pricing Plan.

Who is involved with VetEnvoy?

To ensure acceptance of VetEnvoy throughout the veterinary profession, we are working closely with SPVS as well as a number of the major suppliers. Click here to see a full list of these.

What happens if anything goes wrong while I am using the service?

In the first instance you should contact your PMS vendor who will provide first-line support. If necessary, they will contact us to discuss the problem.

I can see the benefits of eClaims, but when will the other services be available?

Will my PMS work with eClaims and your other services?

An increasing number of PMS are supporting the VetEnvoy services. For an up-to-date list of PMS suppliers that we are working with, click here.

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