Are you using text messaging to communicate with clients?

If so, you should consider the VetEnvoy text messaging service. Possibly the best priced text messaging service available for veterinary practices. If available in your Practice Management System, this is a great way to stay in touch with your customers to remind them of boosters, vaccinations and booked appointments.

How does it work?

VetEnvoy has partnered with one of the UK’s major service providers to enable us to deliver a text messaging service specifically designed for the veterinary profession at one of the best possible prices. Because of this you don’t have to pay up front or commit to a minimum number of messages to enjoy the special pricing. What’s more, it will all be included on your VetEnvoy bill, reducing the number of invoices you have to deal with each month as well as the time spent.

How much does it cost?

This service costs 5.4p per text. For a limited period, your Practice Management System vendor may be offering a number of free texts. Please ask them for details.

How do I get it?

Click here to sign up and create an account for VetEnvoy. If your PMS provider is not yet compliant, they will be notified of your interest in this particular service.

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